unnamedSurviving in Battambang – by Visal Phoeung

Visal is currently holding his first ever photography exhibition at Maek Make Art Space. It is called Surviving in Battambang and it depicts how locals live through his eyes. …One picture tells one story… He told us.

Survival is a story he knows only too well. Born in 1988 at Ek Phnom near Battambang, he has vivid memories of the war. In 1992-93, remnants of the Khmer Rouge raided his village around three times a week looting food and valuables. His Father, a local police officer, narrowly escaped an RPG attack during one of these incursions. He then bundled his family into a boat and they fled across the river to the relative safety of a pagoda. Waking at 4.00 am to the sound of distant shelling and gunfire was an everyday experience.

When he was eight years old his family sent him to live with a relative in Battambang City as they wanted him to get a good education and soon after he started to work at the White Rose in a restaurant where he eventually became manager and acquired his excellent English skills. He graduated from university and his main role since then has been Manager of Cambodian Cotton Club where he was introduced to photography, was given a camera and took some courses. Today he is an avid photographer and specializes in showing daily life and the struggle it involves for many people here.

His ambition is to become a photojournalist and capture the torment and suffering of children in war zones such as Syria and bring it to the attention of the world. He is very passionate about this as he feels a deep connection to children. After all, he and they have a shared experience.

Surviving in Battambang  is currently showing at Maek Make Art Space (See No 3 0n Map) from 9.00 am to 7.00pm daily. For a private viewing and or to meet the artist, call 092985365 or email travelbbang@gmail.com

Visal Phoeung wants to be a photojournalist.

Here are some of the images on show:

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More detail about Maek Make on The CAMBODIA DAILY.