Power & Beauty

The art of Chandarey Vong.

Presented by Maek Make Art Space

Hot off the heels of the unprecedented success of Chandarey  Vong’s first solo show comes his highly anticipated follow up exhibition, titled simply ‘Love and Power’. Vong presents a collection of works that push his established aesthetic to new dimensions, whilst staying true to what has become his signature style. Continuing his exploration of negative and positive space through intricate and finely detailed ink work, Vong creates a charming sense of rhythm that engages the viewer through a whimsical play on balance and composition. Expanding on his exploration into Cambodia’s cultural heritage, Vong juxtaposes imagery from traditional Khmer art, Buddhist iconography and Cambodia’s French colonial influence, weaving these images into intricate patterns and landscapes. Throughout the collection, lotus and pkaromdoul flowers gently cling to delicately woven vines and branches, whilst Angkorian statuesque profiles peer out at the viewer from a time long forgotten. French lanterns hang from branches and vines offering the promise of illumination, yet require the attendance of solitary silhouetted figures consumed in wistful melancholy. Vong juxtaposes the ancient with the contemporary, in a fashion that is indicative of contemporary Cambodian life, with its many cultural influences, convoluted history and rapid development. Characterising his work as heavily cathartic Vong describes it as ‘my way to work through emotions that I cannot easily articulate – loneliness, despair and sorrow to joy, happiness and hope’. Inspired by both traditional Khmer arts and the French Art Nouveau period, specifically the work of Aubrey Beardsley and Alphonse Mucha, Vong also sites Cambodian contemporary artist Visothkavei as an important influence on the technical development of his work. Chandarey Vong’s second solo exhibition promises to please existing fans, whilst revealing a more personal, intimate and mature side to his work that is sure to gain many new admirers.

Maek Make Art Space, No 66 Street 2.5 Battambang, opposite Lotus  ph 092985365 email travelbbang@gmail.com

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